Recover deleted files from Samsung phone trash

If you mistakenly deleted a file from your Samsung phone, but you can’t find the Samsung phone’s trash can to restore the lost file, first of all, you should know that smartphones, unlike computers, do not use a separate folder called the trash can. However, there are different ways to access deleted files, and in this article we are going to examine these practical solutions; So, don’t be disappointed and stay with us for the rest of the article.

Where is the trash can of the Android phone?

In response to this question, it should be said that due to the limitation of the internal memory of mobile phones, the Android phone does not have a dedicated trash can or folder that contains all the deleted items. However, some apps like Photos, Gallery, File Manager, and Google apps use a separate folder to collect deleted items.

For example, the Android phone gallery has a separate folder, and images and videos are moved to this folder after they are deleted from the gallery. Actually, you have to visit the Trush folder to access the deleted images from the gallery. If you haven’t cleared the files in your phone’s gallery trash, chances are you’ll still find your photos.

In addition, the device’s File Manager contains a folder that contains deleted items, through which you can also access some deleted files. Before we go into finding the trash in File Manager, let’s look at a way to find deleted programs.

Find apps deleted from phone

Google Play is currently the easiest way to access deleted apps on a mobile phone. Google Play stores downloaded apps and allows you to view your app history.

Recover deleted apps with Google Play

  • Open the Google Play app on your device, then tap your profile in the top right corner.
  • In the upcoming menu, select Manage apps & device.
  • From the top bar, go to Manage.
  • On the new screen, tap Installed.
  • In the window that appears at the bottom, select Not Installed.
  • Here, you’ll find a list of all the apps associated with your Google Account.
  • To reinstall any of the programs, check the square opposite it and download the program using the download icon at the top of the screen.

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