Reasons for dishes not drying in the dishwasher

5. Improper arrangement of dishes

The shape of dishes has a great influence on the performance of the dishwasher. One of the reasons for dishes not drying in the dishwasher is their incorrect and non-standard arrangement in the machine. This issue makes washing and drying not be done accurately and correctly.

6. Washing program settings

Dishwashers have a section called settings where different functions of the device are set. If this section is set to QuicK and PreWash options, the dishes will not dry completely; Therefore, to solve the problem of dishes not drying in the dishwasher, check and correct this section first.

7. Failure of the dishwasher element

One of the main reasons for the dishes not drying in the dishwasher is the failure of the internal parts of this machine, including the dishwasher element. To check this, first unplug the dishwasher and then check the element’s current using a multimeter. If you do not have enough skills to check and repair this part, it is better to leave this task to a home appliance repair specialist.

8. Failure of the dishwasher thermostat

Thermostat failure is another thing that can lead to dishes not drying in the dishwasher. This part is responsible for ensuring the safety of the device against excessive temperature increase. The failure of the thermostat and the incorrect operation of this part will cause the element to turn off before the dishes are dry. In this way, the dryer cycle will be disrupted and the dishes will not dry completely. To solve the problem in this situation, the thermostat must be replaced or repaired if necessary. To avoid more problems, it is better to leave the repair and replacement of this sensitive part to the experienced technicians of the dishwasher repair agency.

9. Rinse aid liquid

Another reason for dishes not drying in the dishwasher is the rinse aid liquid or the rinse aid tank. Without this liquid, water will not flow easily from the dishes and as a result, the dishes will not dry well. Make sure that there is this liquid and that the cap is completely closed, and in this way, you will solve the problem.

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