On the eve of the release of Instagram Threads, Twitter backtracked

On the eve of the release of Instagram Threads, Twitter backtracked


Days after requiring a login to view tweets, Twitter appears to have lifted the restriction. This means that you can open Twitter links without logging into the user account and through the browser.

single crunch And Android They have announced the removal of Twitter restrictions; However, based on Zomit’s observations, sometimes the links do not open properly. Tweets can be previewed in Slack and WhatsApp, TechCrunch says. Engget also announces the preview of tweets in iMessage.

Elon Musk said when Twitter implemented the new restrictions that the changes were “temporary” to prevent data collection by artificial intelligence services.

Twitter has not yet released a statement on whether the restriction has been lifted, and it is unclear what steps the social network has taken to prevent data mining.

Twitter’s action takes place while Meta Farda publishes the most serious competitor of this social network called “Instagram Threads”. Trades was made available through the web version for a short time a few hours ago; But it was unavailable again. Users will probably be able to see Trades posts without having an account.


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