On the eve of ChatGPT’s one-year anniversary, the CEO of OpenAI was fired

On the eve of ChatGPT’s one-year anniversary, the CEO of OpenAI was fired

With the firing of Sam Altman, it is supposed to Mira Moratti, Chief Technology Officer of OpenAI, to temporarily take the position of the CEO of this company. This change is effective from today. OpenAI says it will begin the search for its next CEO.

According to informed sources, none of OpenAI’s employees knew about Sam Altman’s dismissal until the company’s press release.

Sam Altman’s firing comes as a big shock to OpenAI fans and AI industry followers. Since the explosive popularity of ChatGPT, he had become the face of OpenAI and one of the prominent managers in the field of artificial intelligence.

Altman held the first OpenAI developer conference last week; The conference was the unveiling of exciting services, including a tool for creating exclusive versions of ChatGPT. Altman also spoke at the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC) summit last Thursday.

Microsoft, which has invested billions of dollars in OpenAI, says in a press release that it will continue to work with the company: “We have a long-term partnership with OpenAI, and as we make the next generation of artificial intelligence available to our customers, Microsoft will continue to work with Mira and His team remains committed.”

Sam Altman is the co-founder of OpenAI and initially with Elon Musk He was one of the presidents of the board of directors of this company. Musk split from OpenAI in 2018 to focus on Tesla; He now has his own company called x.AI.

OpenAI has said in its new statement that Greg Brookman, the co-founder, is no longer recognized as the chairman of the board; Of course, Brockman will continue to work on OpenAI.

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