Now it’s YouTube’s turn to embrace artificial intelligence

Now it’s YouTube’s turn to embrace artificial intelligence

YouTube announced plans to start using generative artificial intelligence. Premium users with a paid YouTube subscription will be able to use the AI ​​chatbot to answer questions about video content, get more suggestions, and see a summary of topics in video comments.

These features through YouTube’s new internal laboratory will be available. The chatbot will be released in the coming weeks, and the topic summarization tool will only be tested with a group of users who have signed up through the website.

YouTube explains that the chatbot’s responses will be generated by large language models. These models leverage information from YouTube and the entire web to help viewers better understand the content they’re watching.

The user can ask questions about the video or use this tool to request to watch similar items. These conversations can be done at the same time as the video is playing so as not to interrupt the video.

This feature will initially be available only in the US and on Android devices through the new Ask option on the video screen. YouTube Premium members can join the test starting today, but the feature isn’t available on all YouTube videos yet.

On the other hand, the “Comment Summarizer” feature will use generative AI to organize and summarize the topics discussed in the comments section below the video so that viewers can understand what people are saying.

YouTube believes that with the help of this feature, content creators can understand what people have commented on without having to read all the comments, which will help them to get inspiration for making new videos from users’ comments.

Threads will only be summarized based on posted comments, not comments that are pending review or contain banned words or blocked users. YouTube said the test, which is currently running on a small number of videos, will only be available in English.

The world’s largest video subscription and streaming site says the tests will continue over the course of several weeks, gathering feedback from users on how they use the new features.

Google has now embedded AI throughout its products, such as its search engine, email, photos, and voice assistant.

YouTube is also testing AI-powered ads that allow advertisers to target specific moments in a video to show their ad.

AI features added to YouTube Studio help content creators find the right music or voiceover for videos.

YouTube Music has also recently introduced playlists generated by artificial intelligence. YouTube has already tested the capabilities of artificial intelligence by summarizing videos and creating quizzes from educational videos.

YouTube has added a new feature called Dream Screen to its short video platform that allows users to use artificial intelligence tools to create videos or background images. The user has to type what he wants to see so that the desired content is generated.

Neil MohanCEO of YouTube, explained in a live event called “The Making of YouTube” that you can type something like “a panda drinking coffee” and then the video will appear on the screen.

“These features are experimental and may not be final,” YouTube said in a statement. That’s why we’ve started with limited access to collect feedback.”

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