Noting Phone 2a is more powerful than Noting Phone 1

The Nutting brand has announced the details of its new smartphone processor, the Nutting Phone 2a. The company confirmed that the new phone will be equipped with the Dimensity 7200 Pro processor and will be more powerful and efficient than the Notting Phone 1.

Carl Pthe CEO of Nutting, these claims in An interview with Digital Trends has described “The iPhone 2a is a clear upgrade over the iPhone 1,” he says. This device will be 18% more powerful in terms of performance and 16% more efficient in terms of battery than the first generation of the Notting phone.

Nutting wants iPhone 1 owners to upgrade to the iPhone 2a. Carl P did not specify whether the Phone 2a will completely replace the Phone 1.

The Snapdragon 778G Plus processor in the Notting Phone 1 was considered one of the very good mid-range processors at the time, and now it’s been almost two years since the release of this phone. Therefore, the processor of the new phone will undoubtedly surpass other mid-range chips.

Dimension 7200 Pro is made based on 4nm lithography and compared to Snapdragon 778G Plus with 6nm process, it has higher transistor density and lower energy consumption. This could partly explain Nutting’s claims about the phone’s battery life.

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Dimension 7200 Pro is a more modern processor and uses two powerful Cortex-A715 CPU cores and 6 small Cortex-A510 cores; While the Snapdragon chip in the Notting Phone 1 uses four powerful cores and four small cores in the CPU unit.

Some sources claim that the price of the Notting Phone 2a will range from $375 to $429 and will compete with the best mid-range phones.

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