Nothing is over yet; The FTC will appeal the Microsoft case

The US Federal Trade Commission (FTC) says it will appeal the Microsoft judge’s ruling in favor of the Redmonds. According to the judge’s ruling, Microsoft is allowed to take over Activision Blizzard for $68.7 billion. The FTC believes the deal will harm the video game industry.

We do not know what arguments the Federal Trade Commission intends to use in the judge’s decision Jacqueline Scott Corley question This commission will soon file the full appeal case in the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals.

Microsoft scored a major victory Tuesday night in a newsworthy Federal Trade Commission case. The FTC sought to block Microsoft’s deal with Activision, but a judge sided with Microsoft, saying the company had committed to publishing Call of Duty games on other platforms for 10 years.

If the judge ruled in favor of the Federal Trade Commission, it would temporarily block the finalization of the Microsoft and Activision deal. The FTC has another case against Microsoft that was filed before the latest case. The court could prohibit the conclusion of the contract until the assignment of the first case.

According to VergeMicrosoft is required to close the deal in less than a week. Legal experts say the appeals court may rule after the deadline set by Microsoft and Activision. In this way, Microsoft can finalize the contract even if the appeal case is launched.

Brad Smith, Microsoft’s chairman, says the court’s ruling makes it clear that Activision’s takeover is not only good for consumers, but also a competitive advantage in the video game market. He says he is disappointed by the Federal Trade Commission’s move to appeal the court’s ruling.

Microsoft also needs to clear UK regulatory concerns before closing the Activision deal. The two are currently negotiating, but Britain has said it may launch another investigation against Microsoft.

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