Nobitex CEO: Lack of clear policy is one of the main obstacles to growth and innovation

Nobitex CEO: Lack of clear policy is one of the main obstacles to growth and innovation


According to the CEO of Nobitex, the legislator should open the space for innovative ideas. He further added that the existence of an open and transparent space and the entry of capital into new areas are two prerequisites for the development of innovation in the country.

Amir Hossein Rad In the “Digital Money” panel, which was held at the conference of Iran’s opportunities in the digital era, he said about the token and the token-based economy in Iran: “Blockchain infrastructures for the token-based economy and asset tokenization have been established to some extent; But in practice, there are many obstacles to its realization.”

He also pointed out that, in general, in Iran, it is possible to publish works of art in the form of NFT and buy and sell them, and the identity token or KYC has also been defined; But asset tokenization has not yet found its application and function, and a major part of the obstacles to this work is due to the regulatory environment.

The CEO of Nobitex continued: “Unfortunately, the legislator does not open the space for innovative ideas. This is despite the fact that the development and growth of innovation in the country has two prerequisites, and one of the prerequisites is the existence of an open space in the country where the policies are transparent and the decision-making body is allowed to take risks.

Rudd added that the regulator prefers not to take risks; Because he has to answer in a thousand ways. He considered capital as the second prerequisite for innovation and said: “Conditions must be created so that investors can take risks in this risky environment. In the world, two to three billion dollars a year are invested in the blockchain ecosystem; But in our country, investors do not have this level of risk-taking, which has several reasons.”

In this panel, Amin Shamsprofessor at Ohio State University, Mehran MohramianVice President of New Technologies of the Central Bank, Mehdi Haqbaalia faculty member of Khatam University and Farhad Niliuniversity professor, were present.

The event “Opportunities of Iran in the Digital Age” is being held on the 24th and 25th of July at the Milad Tower Convention Center in Tehran with the aim of creating an atmosphere of mutual thinking and exchanging opinions and identifying opportunities for traditional actors, technology companies, researchers and regulators.


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