NASA sent four people to Mars; Of course, without leaving the ground!

The Martian habitat in question is smaller than the average American family home. This area includes a kitchen, private quarters for the crew and two bathrooms, as well as medical, work and recreation areas.

Members of the CHAPEA 1 mission will encounter obstacles similar to those encountered during a human journey to Mars. NASA researchers will simulate conditions such as resource limitations, equipment failures, communication delays, and environmental stressors.

NASA says the simulated version of Mars will help the agency collect data on human cognitive and physical performance while on Mars. In this way, NASA learns what effects long-duration missions to the Red Planet may have on the crew.

CHAPEA 1 is the first of three one-year missions. NASA says the information gathered in these three missions, along with explorations around the moon, will help send the first astronauts to Mars.

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