MIUI 15 was released as a test for Xiaomi 13

MIUI 15 was released as a test for Xiaomi 13

According to the website report Xiaomi UIXiaomi 13 has received the final version of the MIUI 15 user interface as a test. This comes as Xiaomi stopped the development of MIUI 14 for some of its phones last week.

Xiaomi is currently testing the MIUI-V15.0.0.1.UMCCNXM build for the Xiaomi 13. This update optimizes the user experience and fixes some issues.

MIUI 15 is developed based on the Android 14 operating system and is likely to be fully unveiled in the near future. Google will make Android 14 available this week. With the public release of Android 14, the development of MIUI 15 based on this operating system begins. MIUI 15 will have new security features and improve performance.

According to Xiaomi, the MIUI 15 user interface reduces the running time of applications and makes scrolling smoother. Apparently, the test version of MIUI 15 is available for Xiaomi 13 Ultra and Redmi K60 Pro.

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