Minister of Communications: We have provided three times the country’s internet needs

While the Minister of Communications was supposed to give a speech at the opening of the Elcamp exhibition, technical problems made the opening ceremony incomplete. The Minister of Communications then answered some of the journalists’ questions while visiting the booths.

“I never said such a thing,” Zarepour said about the statements that were published shortly before his speech, in which it was stated that only 10% of our need is for international internet. Our discussion was about messengers and I said that 90% of the audience’s messaging needs are internal. We will definitely provide as much international bandwidth as needed.”

He further said about the disruption on Friday: “Even though 2.5 terabits of the country’s capacity was cut off, it was immediately replaced, because we have provided three times the country’s internet needs. In 1400, when 430 gigabytes of communication were cut off in the Persian Gulf, we had a disruption for several days, and these few days have been reduced to a few hours, and this is a big job.”

Zarepour also said in response to a reporter about the absence of some large companies and startups at the Al-Comp fair: “You should ask Nasr’s friends about this.”

He further emphasized that the effort of the Ministry of Communications is to strengthen and develop the communication infrastructure and provide the best infrastructure for startups and people: “The discussion of restrictions and filtering happened outside of our will and can be discussed in its place. It is, but I also told Mr. Tawanger that reducing the digital economy to an American platform is an injustice to Iran’s digital economy.”

We will not cause the slightest disturbance in the communication network of the country

The Minister of Communications emphasized that wherever you see any disruption, we are against it. “We will not cause the slightest disturbance in the communication networks of the country.”

In response to Zomit’s reporter, he said about the restrictions that the decision in this regard will be taken elsewhere and continued about the promise to follow up on the removal of the Google Play filter: “I said out loud that technically we agree to remove the filter of some platforms such as Google Play, but regarding Messengers do not make sense until they have an office in Iran. “You’re taking people’s business to a platform that’s not responsive, and it’s like building a part of the digital economy on a fault that collapses every time with a magnitude 2 earthquake.”

Zarepour also talked about the government’s plans to improve the future of the digital economy in the country in the seventh development plan and announced that the goal of this plan is to increase the share of the digital economy to 15 percent. According to him, within the next year, from September this year to September next year, all the institutions are required to prepare a program for the intelligentization of digital transformation and the development of the digital economy in their sector and approve it by the cabinet: “In this program, it is said that artificial intelligence should be and pay attention to the Internet of Things and new technologies. “The ministry is obliged to provide the necessary infrastructure, the communication and processing infrastructure that is needed for machine learning and machine analysis.”

According to him, the ministries of education are required to approve the national digital economy skills development program within 6 months and start implementing it so that we can work to train skilled manpower.

Everywhere in the world, you see success behind Iranian youth

He explained about the investment capacities, one of the strategies of this ministry for the development of the digital economy is to create a market for the same products that are present in the exhibition: “Whether in hardware, software or platforms, Iranian youths have done a great job and we have the capacity to do this. To export these platforms and even technical engineering services in the field of communication and information technology to any country.

Zarepour announced that in the last 6 months, more than 200 million dollars of contracts have been signed between Iranian companies and foreign companies: “In some countries, Iranian companies have won tenders, but I will not name them because the conditions of sanctions may eventually create an environment where their work is under be affected We are persistent to provide the field for the export of technical engineering and information technology products and services on the basis of the infrastructure that the government has. “The government opens the door for interaction and dialogue with all countries, especially neighboring countries.”

Regarding the capacity of knowledge-based companies in localization of technology, he said: “Iranian youths are several heads and necks higher than the youths of other countries, and wherever you see success in the world, Iranian youths are behind it. So we have the capacity to meet the needs of our own country and the needs of other countries.”

The Minister of Communications also pointed out that in the field of communication equipment, Iran-made equipment was used for the development of the country’s main telecommunication network: “It was a big risk and we got an answer, and now we have 70% of the capacity of the country’s main telecommunication network with 100% Iranian equipment that is on the verge of export. is, we add. Whether in hardware, software or platform, we can meet the needs of the country and even export to other countries.”

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