Midgerni’s new artificial intelligence feature has amazed photographers!

On Thursday, Midjourney announced version 5.2 of its AI-based image center model, which includes the new Zoom Out feature; A feature that keeps the main subject in the center of the image and automatically creates a larger scene around it, similar to zooming with a camera lens.

Midgerni’s zoom feature can take an AI-generated image and expand the boundaries around it. This feature keeps the original subject in the center of the new image, but unlike DALL-E and Photoshop’s Generative Fill feature, you can’t select a custom image to expand the border around the subject. Currently, Midgerni 5.2’s zoom feature only works with images created with this AI.

Users can use the new features by producing any image in version 5.2 of this artificial intelligence through Midgerni’s Discord server. You can zoom the image by a factor of 1.5 or 2x or a custom value between 1 and 2. There is another feature called Make Square, which generates the material around the image in such a way that the ratio of the image is maintained at 1:1.

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