Methods for solving the problem of deleting zeros in Excel


If you have received ready data that has zeros at the beginning of the numbers, you can remove the zeros of the mobile number in Excel by doing the reverse process.

In other words, you should go through the tutorial on adding zeros in Excel in reverse and change the cell format from Text to Number so that the zeros at the beginning of the numbers are not displayed.

Solving the problem of deleting multiple characters in Excel Office

Now let’s assume that you have data in which there are several zeros at the beginning of the numbers in each cell. Again, one of the easy methods would be to change the format of the cells to Number; But in another way, which is done with third-party software, you can install the Kutools program, which is added to Microsoft Excel after installing a new tab and provides you with different tools.

One of the important tools of Kutools in Excel is the ability to delete multiple characters in Excel, which you can access according to the address below. In the same section, the options to remove the leading zeros of the numbers and to remove the space and some other features are provided.

For example, if you want to sort your data and subtract 3 zeros from the beginning, to remove 3 zeros in Excel, on the same tab of Kutools and in the Text section, you must select the Remove by Position option, and then the number of digits you want to remove in each cell. enter in the opened window.

Now, specify the position of the digits between the left or the right of the number by selecting the From left or From right option and finally click the Apply button and then OK to complete the process.


There are different methods to solve the problem of zero not being displayed in Excel, which can have the same result according to the user’s needs and tastes. Therefore, you need to know whether you want the numbers to be stored as a text string or whether their numeric nature should be preserved to perform calculations.


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