List of the best installment loans for purchasing goods and services

List of the best installment loans for purchasing goods and services


A loan for the purchase of goods is one of the facilities provided by banks and some platforms to purchase household or digital goods from the store. The limit of this facility was announced last year up to 200 million Tomans depending on the conditions of each bank. According to the central bank’s directive, this facility should be in the form of a credit card.

The conditions for receiving these loans, for example, are different from marriage loans or housing deposit loans. In these loans, you must buy the goods from the banks’ contracted stores.

Using this loan is suitable for when you urgently need a product, but the liquidity of your account is not enough to buy it. Of course, the conditions for receiving these loans are not easy. Many of them require a guarantor, salary deduction certificate or deposit, and the benefits of receiving these loans are not low. Also, banks allocate these loans to buy Iranian household appliances, which means you will have restrictions on purchases.

In addition, one of the conditions for receiving this loan in all banks is that the result of your validation from the central bank is favorable and you have a good rating in this field. In fact, if you have a bounced check or non-current debt to banks, you cannot use this loan.

Some of these loans will be allocated to you for the purchase of goods after visiting the stores and registering the order and presenting the pre-invoice.

In addition, banks offer other loans with lower amounts and different conditions.

In this article, we introduce the types of these loans with their conditions so that you can make a decision more easily if you need such a loan.


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