Linux’s share in the desktop market exceeded 3% for the first time in the last 30 years


According to Statcounter, the share of Linux in the global market of desktop operating systems reached 3.07% in June 2023, which is unprecedented in the last 30 years.

More than 1.5 million websites worldwide are hosted on Linux servers, with a total of 5 billion hits per month. Statcounter says the above statistics include laptops as there is no easy way to separate these products from desktop computers.

About 5 years ago, Linux had 1.69% of the world’s desktop operating system market share. The platform’s share rose unsustainably from 2.42% to 3.07% between June 2022 and 2023, and crossed the 3% mark for the first time in May. If we consider the Chrome operating system as a subset of Linux, its share increases to 7.2 percent.

According to Statcounter, the share of Windows in the one-year period ending June 2023 has decreased from 76.33% to 68.23%. Some experts stop the sale of Microsoft products in Russia because of the drop in shares Windows they know.

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