Lenovo is looking to stop selling Asus laptops

Lenovo, the famous manufacturer of laptops, is seeking to sue this company for violating its patents by Asus. Lenovo claims that Asus has infringed four of its patents; It therefore seeks damages and a halt to the sale of Asus laptops and products that are allegedly infringing in the United States.

According to The RegisterIn recent days, a court was held in America where Lenovo sued Asus and demanded to receive damages and profits due to the violation of its patents by Asus. Lenovo has announced that it has filed a complaint with the US International Trade Commission against Asus.

There are four patents allegedly found in Lenovo’s laptop range that Asus has infringed. The first one is called Source Block Transfer Methods, which was patented by Lenovo in 2021 in order to minimize the delay created during the transfer of uplink packets.

Lenovo is using the Zenbook Pro 14 UX6404 laptop as an example of Asus’ patent infringement in court. The Chinese claim that their Taiwanese competitor is selling laptops that use their wireless power management patent. This is despite the fact that the patent in question was registered in 2010 in the name of Lenovo.

Another patent infringed by Asus is the diagonal scrolling of the touch screen. Using this feature, users can scroll diagonally anywhere on the touch screen using two fingers. The date of registration of this patent in the name of Lenovo also dates back to 2010.

The latest patent that Lenovo claims Asus has infringed is a dual-axis hinge with an angle timing mechanism. The Chinese manufacturer of laptops, phones and tablets claims that Asus has infringed this patent on the Zenbook Flip 14 UX461 device.

Laptops that use this patent have a 360-degree hinge that brings more comfort to users when working with the laptop. Lenovo claims to have registered the said patent in 2014.

The Taiwanese manufacturer of all kinds of gaming laptops and gaming phones, Asus, has not yet shown an official reaction to these events.

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