Lenovo brings advanced artificial intelligence to smartphones

Lenovo brings advanced artificial intelligence to smartphones

Chinese tech giant Baidu has entered into an important new partnership with Lenovo to put its generative artificial intelligence technology on Lenovo smartphones.

According to Reuters, the new partnership includes the use of Ernie Baidu’s great language model. Baidu had previously done this similar collaboration with Samsung and Honor. Robin LeeBaidu’s CEO said last year, “Companies should now focus on developing AI-based applications.”

Lenovo, the owner of the Motorola phone brand, will probably use Ernie Baidu’s artificial intelligence in various Lenovo phone and tablet applications.

The sale of smartphones that offer generative AI features to provide services such as chatbots and real-time translation has become a new global trend after the technology becomes mainstream in late 2022 with the launch of ChatGPT; Like the latest Google phone models and the latest Samsung phone models.

Canalys research company expects that 5% of the smartphones that will be released in 2024 (about 60 million devices) will use special features of artificial intelligence.

Artificial intelligence services offered by US companies such as OpenAI are not available in China, leaving the lucrative market to Chinese companies. In the Chinese market, there are now more than 200 artificial intelligence models, and the main players in this industry include Baidu, Alibaba, and Tencent.

The new partnership will not only help Lenovo shine in the mobile phone market; But it can make it possible for Baidu to access a huge amount of data. This will keep Ernie’s AI in line with competing AI companies in the US in the long run.

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