Learning how to make a logo with artificial intelligence

Learning how to make a logo with artificial intelligence

To connect to Dall-E, enter www.bing.com/create in the search bar and then sign in to the website using your Microsoft account. Dall-E allows you to send multiple requests per day. Also, if you wish, you can type your request in Farsi language.

After entering the website, enter your request with full details in the box at the top of the page and wait a few minutes for the logo to be generated. In the above example, we asked the artificial intelligence to create some logos for a company active in the field of technology. If the plans are not satisfactory, you can submit your request again using the points mentioned in the Midjourney section.

How to create a logo with ChatGPT?

As you know, ChatGPT takes a lot of effort in understanding text commands and coding and is not designed to create logos or images; But if you insist on using the knowledge and information of this chatbot to produce a logo, then we will briefly explain how to do this.

Use a special command for chatgpt

ChatGPT’s artificial intelligence can create images and logos in various image formats, including SVG, by benefiting from the ability to encode images and logos. SVG or Scalable Vector Graphics format, since it is not dependent on pixels, allows you to change the size of the file and apply the necessary edits to the original design without losing the quality of the image or logo.

To begin with, you must first describe your idea for the chatbot properly and, if necessary, change the variables in the following command based on your idea.

By doing this, ChatGPT will generate the SVG code for you using the received information. To see the image of the logo, go to the page w3schools Go ahead and paste the code and then hit Run. If the logo needs changes, you can also provide chatgpt with different commands to apply different changes.

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