Learn about the dangers of deadly water heater gas

Learn about the dangers of deadly water heater gas

Examining the statistics of the Tehran Fire Department for the last few years shows that the most common cause of gassing is a defect in the chimney system of the water heater and heater. The chimney system consists of various components and the part where combustion takes place is the part of the water heater furnace. The furnace has an outlet through which a mixture of different gases is released, and CO and CO2 gases are the most.

In this article, we will examine all safety and standard items from Zomit to prevent risks such as gassing and suffocation. The lack of knowledge of users regarding the use of gas appliances such as water heaters can be dangerous. In this article, we try to solve these problems to some extent.

CO2 and CO gas

Carbon monoxide gas is colorless and odorless and is produced due to incomplete combustion. It usually causes poisoning and even death in heating devices such as heaters, water heaters, fireplaces and gas stoves due to improper ventilation system (chimney). The symptoms of prolonged inhalation of this gas include headache, confusion, and sleepiness, and finally, the poisoned person experiences nausea, vomiting, and heart palpitations. You should note that inhaling high amounts of CO gas can cause loss of consciousness and death.


Carbon dioxide gas (CO2) does not have the same risk of poisoning as carbon monoxide gas (CO); But CO gas has a very high risk of poisoning. Chimney or heater pipe is considered as the first means of exiting the device’s gases, and the diameter of this pipe must be greater than or equal to the outlet of the water heater.

Sometimes it is seen that due to the small opening of the wall chimney, a conversion pipe (from a larger diameter to a smaller diameter) is used, which, due to blockage in the air flow path, returns part of the CO gas to the interior of the house. Chimneys must have a positive slope; It means that the direction of the chimney should be upwards, not downwards.

It has been observed many times that in house construction, the chimney outlet of the wall has been built at a lower level than the ground and the water heater outlet has been designed out of reach. Because of this, people have to use unsafe tricks to control the smoke of the heater or water heater, which is very dangerous.

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