Jobvision report: Only one out of 10 organizations hires disabled people

So far, 4442 organizations have published at least one ad with the possibility of hiring disabled people. This number is about 9% of all companies and organizations that were active in Jobvision since the start of this feature. A matter that shows that on average, only one organization out of every 10 announces in its job advertisement that it is possible to hire disabled people in the desired job positions. Now the question is, are there any job positions in the other 9 organizations where disabled people can work?

This survey also shows that the companies that have announced their readiness to hire disabled people in Jobvision are mostly in industries such as Internet companies, e-commerce and online services, information technology, software and hardware, medical and health services, marketing and advertising, and education. and active research. Also, surveys show that large companies that have more employees are often less active in the field of hiring disabled people than small companies.

On the other hand, Jobvision statistics show that since the beginning of 1402, more than 7,113,000 job advertisements have been published by employers on this platform, in which it is clearly stated that it is not possible to hire disabled people in this position.

Meanwhile, based on real-time data, there are currently more than 2,068 active job positions on JobVision where employers have announced that they are hiring people with disabilities. This number of job positions is a low number compared to more than 44,000 active job positions in Jobvision and shows that creating equal opportunities for the disabled is still a long way ahead.

However, the comparison of these statistics with previous periods shows that since the beginning of the activation of the possibility of registering disability in resumes and job advertisements, a total of 14,298 advertisements have been published in this field, half of which were related to 1402; Therefore, it seems that despite the long distance to the ideal of equal opportunity for the disabled, the efforts in this field have not been fruitless.

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