It is possible to delete Trades account only by deleting Instagram!

Trades, a Twitter competitor produced by Meta, was made available early Thursday morning, Tehran time, and less than 24 hours later, it has reached more than 30 million users. as in Trades official website Come on, delete Trades account only with It is possible to delete an Instagram account.

During the launch of Trades, Meta said that this social network is “Instagram’s text-based conversational application”. Threads is heavily dependent on Instagram, to the extent that you cannot access Threads without an Instagram account. As soon as you enter Trades, it is possible to follow all those you have followed on Instagram.

If you have no interest in Trades and you don’t want to delete your Instagram account, you can go to the temporary deactivation of this social network. This can be done by going to the profile section, tapping on the two-line menu on the upper right and selecting the Deactivate option.

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