Irancell’s presence in Elcamp 1402 with the latest achievements of digital transformation

Irancell’s presence in Elcamp 1402 with the latest achievements of digital transformation


Being present in the main hall of the 26th International Electronics, Computer and E-Commerce Exhibition, Irancell exposes its latest achievements in the field of digital transformation to those interested.

According to the public relations report of Irancell, the first and largest digital operator of Iran, by attending the “Main Exhibition Hall (38)” and “Halls 8 and 9” of the 26th International Exhibition of Electronics, Computers and Electronic Commerce, which will be held from July 4 to 7, 1402 at the permanent location of international exhibitions. Tehran, introduces its latest products, services and achievements in various fields of communication technologies, artificial intelligence, innovation and digital transformation.

Irancell’s booth at Elcomp 1402 exhibition, like previous exhibitions, is covered by the fifth generation 5G mobile phone network, and visitors can experience various 5G use cases with Irancell.

Among the services and products offered by Irancell at the Elcomp 1402 exhibition, we can mention the introduction of services that can be provided on the basis of the latest communication technologies, such as the fifth generation of 5G mobile phone network and fiber optic network to homes and businesses (FTTx).

Also, Irancell’s latest achievements and technological services, such as services based on artificial intelligence and video call service in the fourth generation mobile phone network (ViLTE), will be presented to visitors in this exhibition.

Irancell’s digital services, which will be introduced and offered to those interested in digital lifestyle at Elcomp 1402 exhibition, the new generation of “Irancellman” super application, “Lens” Internet TV, “Yelonaam” digital signature and authentication system, “Yellow Devices” smart and digital advertising service “, API digital market “Yellow Hub”, comprehensive online education platform “Dana”, video sharing service with the possibility of making money “Ravito”, video preview service, comprehensive music publishing and streaming platform, preview song service and earning platform for creators “Rhythm” sound and safe system for children and teenagers to access suitable content of “Simba”.

In this exhibition, Irancell’s corporate business department will present connected car service, Irancell wireless system “Wakeh”, corporate VPN service, corporate mobile service “MVPN”, network security service system for businesses, dedicated 5G network for businesses and smart fleet management system “FMS”. Provides to organizations and companies.

The presentation of software products produced by Irancell for use in the human resources departments of organizations and companies, including the iCare internal ticketing system, the BDM macro project management system, the iShine intra-organizational interaction enhancement system, and the IPF employee performance evaluation system, are among other parts of the Irancell booth.

Vista Company, Irancell’s investment arm in start-up businesses, is present at Irancell’s booth in this exhibition and hosts creative and innovative teams in the country’s startup ecosystem.

Also, another part of Irancell booth is dedicated to the presence of Irancell subsidiary companies such as SNAP and Rubica.

In its booth at Elcamp 1402, Irancell offers communication products such as SIM cards, mobile phones, and all kinds of modems, and sales and customer relations experts answer subscribers’ possible questions about their user experience. Also, in this section, online chat services and support for deaf users are also provided and “Shaya” service is unveiled as Irancell’s integrated communication network, with the aim of transforming the business environment, especially in expanding customer-oriented culture.

Another part of Irancell’s booth in this exhibition is the presentation of Irancell’s latest achievements in the field of responsible business, sustainability and social investment, and those interested can talk with the experts of this Irancell department about issues focused on by Irancell, including business sustainability, reducing the digital divide, sustainable work environment, reducing Carbon footprint and… to discuss.

Visitors to Irancell’s booth at the Elcamp exhibition can talk directly with the experts of the recruitment and employment team and learn about Irancell’s latest job opportunities.

The introduction of different parts of Irancell Labs collection, including the innovation center, research and development center, academy and parts repair center are also among the other parts of the Irancell booth.

Also, in this exhibition, Irancell is ready to discuss with various domestic manufacturing companies in order to take more steps in the field of localization of the products and services it needs.

On the days of the exhibition, in addition to signing memorandums of understanding with organizations and businesses, Irancell, in its booth in Hall 38, in a special section, will hold workshops focused on artificial intelligence, blockchain, digital transformation of organizations and industries, the learning path of programming, financial technologies, and resource management. Humanity, product development, advertising in the digital world, etc., are held every day in four different times.

Also, Irancell is a sponsor of the side event “Alcom Talks” which is held on the days of the exhibition with the aim of examining the latest developments, trends and challenges of Iran’s innovation ecosystem in the form of panels and lectures. Every day, Irancell Academy holds specialized lectures on topics such as digital transformation, metaverse, artificial intelligence and data analysis, blockchain and fintech at the Irancell booth in halls 8 and 9.

“News room” of Irancell booth in Hall 38 also hosts journalists and media people.

Irancell, as the first operator to provide 5G and the record holder for the speed and number of 5G sites in Iran, has put the comprehensive program of “Digital Transformation” on its agenda with the aim of empowering the Iranian society in the digital lifestyle, and so far has played a key role in expanding the country’s communication infrastructure to It has served as the central core of digital transformation. Irancell’s roadmap and vision, expanding this role through the development of the fifth generation Internet infrastructure and fiber optic network, as well as effective and powerful entry into the platform layers and focusing on the management and leadership of the digital ecosystem, along with investing in artificial intelligence, metadata, cloud computing, etc. Is.

The strategic goal of Irancell is to transition from a communication operator (Telco) to a technology company (Techco), moving at the edge of technology and becoming one of the main players of digital transformation in the region, as well as empowering three layers of users, i.e. subscribers, companies and the government, through Presenting digital tools, platforms and solutions in various fields, which is also in this direction, including participation in high-profile exhibitions such as Elcomp. Those interested in visiting the latest technological and innovative achievements of Irancell can attend the permanent location of Tehran International Exhibitions on July 4-7, from 8:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. and visit “Hall 38” and “Hall 8 and 9”.


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