iPhone manufacturing in India continues more seriously

The Tata group is on the verge of buying the Karnataka factory owned by Wistron; The factory that assembles the iPhone 14. If this purchase is successful, Tata will become the first Indian company to produce the iPhone not only for the domestic market, but also for the global market. The deal, which is expected to be finalized by August, is part of India’s bid to establish itself as a leading player in hardware manufacturing, a prospect that, in the view of India’s prime minister, Narendra Modi Correspond.

The value of the Karnataka factory currently reaches 600 million dollars and has more than 10 thousand employees. As part of the existing contract, Wistron has committed to deliver iPhones worth $1.8 billion this fiscal year through March 2024. This plan also includes a threefold increase in the workforce next year. According to reports, Tata Group has agreed to fulfill the said obligations.

Tata’s move is significant as many tech companies are looking for alternatives to China to manufacture their advanced products there. Apple has also focused on India in recent years to take advantage of the country’s capacity to produce its products.

Gizmochina India has also attracted some major smartphone manufacturers like Samsung, Xiaomi and Vivo to build local facilities, he writes. Smartphone exports from India, including the iPhone, increased by 128% in April and May of this year, and despite the failure of Vedanta’s joint venture with Foxconn for semiconductor projects, India’s ambition to strengthen its domestic electronics industry continues strong. Tata can also play a vital role in this direction.

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