iPhone 15 screen burn is a software bug; The problem is fixed with iOS 17.1

iPhone 15 screen burn is a software bug;  The problem is fixed with iOS 17.1

Since the release of the iPhone 15 family, there have been several reports of internal burns on the screens of Apple’s new products. There were rumors that this problem was hardware related; But with the iOS 17.1 update, Apple has found and fixed the problem that caused the screen burn-in effect.

Although most of the reports related to the screen problem were obtained from iPhone 15 users; But some iPhone 13 Pro and iPhone 12 Pro users also observed similar problems. That’s probably why Apple’s notes don’t specifically mention the iPhone 15.

People who have seen the burning effect on their iPhone should install iOS 17.1 to fix the problem. The update is currently in the beta channel and will likely be publicly available next week.

The iOS 17.1 update has also fixed other software bugs; Including an issue that caused the user’s location privacy settings to reset when sharing with the Apple Watch. Also, the problem that caused customized and purchased ringtones to not be displayed has been fixed.

The new update fixes a bug that could cause the iPhone’s keyboard to become unresponsive, and adds crash detection optimizations for the iPhone 14 and iPhone 15 models to improve how the iPhone reacts in the event of a car crash.

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