Introducing the quit smoking application (the best solution to fight smoking)

QuitNow is designed to make quitting smoking easier. By inviting the user to quit smoking, this program tries to stop them from consuming nicotine, in this way it monitors the recovery process of the person.

The QuitNow app helps you keep track of the days you haven’t smoked, and on the other hand, it shows you how much money you’ve saved by not smoking. The app also shows how many cigarettes you have avoided so far.

In the QuitNow Achievements section, motivations for quitting smoking are provided, including breaking down the steps into smaller, easier steps. The app offers 70 goals based on your current status and the number of days you haven’t smoked.

In the QuitNow community, you can chat with people who have quit smoking to help you stay healthy and not start smoking again.

Smoke Free application

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