Intel stopped production of NUC minicomputers

After rumors that the production of NUC series computers has been discontinued, Intel has finally confirmed them. NUC is a family of compact, upgradable and powerful Intel computers that were not possible for everyone to buy; But hardware enthusiasts have always held a special respect for NUC.

Confirming the rumors, Intel is no longer interested in producing NUC minicomputers. The representative of this company to Verge “We have decided to stop investing directly in NUC’s business and change strategy to allow our ecosystem partners to continue to innovate and grow NUC,” it says.

Intel has made it clear that the discontinuation of NUC production will not affect other products in the Client Computing Group (or CCG) and Network and Edge Computing (or NEX) families. The news of the NUC discontinuation comes as Intel recently said it will also stop selling servers and sell its server business to Taiwanese company Mitac.

It was not logical for Intel to sell servers and compete with giants such as HP and Dell; But stopping the production of NUC series small computers is sad news. The NUC was essentially Intel’s gift to IT organizations and people interested in small expandable systems.

In addition to normal NUC models, Intel also produced Extreme models. These models were practically gaming systems. For example, the Beast Canyon NUC 11 was equipped with a full-size graphics card. Intel increased the capacity of the body of NUC Extreme series products from 8 to 13.9 liters so that its computer can accommodate gigantic graphics.

The problem with Intel NUC computers was not the design; Rather, the main problem was that you couldn’t simply buy a NUC; Because in most cases, you had to go to different sellers and dealers to get NUC. In addition, the price of the cheapest NUC model easily crossed the $1,000 mark.

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