Intel and Nvidia invest in logo?

Intel and Nvidia invest in logo?


Arm is looking to attract Intel and Nvidia to make these two companies its back investors before the initial public offering of shares on the New York Stock Exchange. Aram shares will be offered before the end of this year.

Logo is not a chip manufacturer, but it has a very strong role in this industry and many companies, including Apple, are customers of Logo. Arm was supposed to be acquired by Nvidia, but opposition from regulatory bodies prevented the takeover due to fear of reducing competition.

Any possible investment by Intel and Nvidia in ARM will increase the value of this company. In the midst of decreasing chip sales and increasing competition in this industry, Aram is looking for a stronger presence in the market. The company is now backed by Softbank Business Group.

Negotiations on the valuation of the logo are still ongoing. Nvidia is trying to determine the price of ARM shares in such a way that the total value of this brand reaches 35-40 billion dollars. At the same time, Arm’s managers are hoping to achieve a value of 80 billion dollars.

Arm plans to attract a maximum of 10 billion dollars through the public offering of shares in the New York stock market. The use of supporting investors such as Intel and Nvidia can increase the interest of other investors in ARM shares, which is an important event; Especially in a situation where the supply of new shares in the market is a challenging action.

If the negotiations go through, Intel and Nvidia will be included in Arm’s IPO prospectus. This issue can stabilize the value of Aram shares.

Masayoshi San, the founder of Softbank, has personally entered into negotiations to encourage Intel and Nvidia to invest in Aram. He is looking to increase Arm’s revenues on the eve of the IPO.

based on what Toms Hardover He writes that Arm and Nvidia are in contact with US regulators to resolve any potential legal issues related to Nvidia’s multi-hundred million dollar investment.


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