Install WhatsApp on the computer; Easy to download and install

Install WhatsApp on the computer;  Easy to download and install

Your account was activated on Mac so easily and you can use it to send and receive messages.

Comparison of web and desktop versions of WhatsApp

Both the web and desktop versions of WhatsApp can be efficient for users; But these two have differences with each other. Next, we talk about their main differences.

How to access

The most obvious difference between WhatsApp Desktop and WhatsApp Web lies in how you access them. The first is an application that you have to download and install on your computer. After installation, you will have direct access to it and you don’t need to open the browser anymore.

In contrast, WhatsApp Web is a browser-based platform. You can access it through any web browser such as Chrome, Firefox or Safari. To connect to it, you just need to visit the WhatsApp website and scan the QR code with your phone.

Offline access

Another important difference is the possibility of offline access. With WhatsApp desktop, you can access your messages even offline. This is a useful feature if you are in an area with poor internet connection or want to save on data usage.

In contrast, WhatsApp Web requires a permanent Internet connection. That’s because it works directly through a web browser and needs to be synced with your phone to work.

required system

The required system is another difference between these two versions. To use WhatsApp Desktop, your computer must be running Windows 8.1 or later or MacOS 10.10 or later. This means that if you are using an old operating system, you may not be able to install the WhatsApp desktop application.

On the other hand, WhatsApp Web can be used on any system that supports a browser. If you’re using an older computer or a less common operating system, this option is more flexible.

In this article, we taught how to install WhatsApp on Windows and MacOS. We hope you use this article. In addition, if you are interested in this field, we suggest you also read “How to prevent WhatsApp hacking”.

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