In the last three months, Twitter has restricted more than 700,000 tweets


By publishing a new statement, Twitter has pointed out how to manage content. The social network says tweets that violate its anti-hate content policy will be shown to fewer people. Apparently, Twitter has started this new approach since April.

According to Fon ArenaSince April, Twitter has added a label to hateful posts to make it clear that views are limited. From Twitter’s point of view, the best way to deal with these types of tweets is to show them to a smaller number of users.

Twitter says it has added the tag in question to more than 700,000 tweets since April. The company also announced that ads will not be displayed next to these types of tweets.

The mentioned tag reduces the number of people who can see the tweet through the algorithm by 81%. Twitter says that a third of users who notice a tag being added choose to delete the tweet rather than protest. Only four percent of users have objected to the addition of the label.

Twitter plans to flag more tweets as rule violations. For example, from now on, tweets that violate Twitter’s abusive and violent behavior policy will also be flagged and their views will be limited.

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