How to recover deleted files in Windows 11?


After going through the above steps, the file will be moved to the folder where it was before and now you can use the file.

The described method was very simple, certainly many people are familiar with this method; But if the desired file is not in the trash, then how to recover it?

How to recover deleted files using Windows File Recovery tool?

There are many software that can help you recover deleted files that are not in the recycle bin by deep scanning your computer’s hard drive. Many of these software are professional, paid or have a free version with limited functionality. A few years ago, Microsoft developed its tool named Windows File Recovery to make it easier for Windows users to recover deleted files. To use this tool, the user needs to install it separately on Windows, this tool allows the user to recover files that seem to be lost forever.

The only weakness of the Windows File Recovery tool is that it is based on the command line user interface (CLI), so it may not be very convenient for many people to use it, in the following, the steps to use this tool are explained in a simple and step-by-step manner. .

1- Windows File Recovery software from Microsoft download store do.

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