How to lubricate the water cooler

How to lubricate the water cooler


Although these types of oils do not contain detergents and cleaning agents; But they still collect pollutants and prevent them from sticking to the inner walls of the part. In any case, you need a high-grade oil suitable for light engines so that the water cooler lubrication process is completely fruitful.

In addition, if you have an oil container, the shape of the oil package that you buy can also be considered and have a tube to guide the oil. Of course, if you don’t have an oil pan or the oil package is suitable for lubrication, you can pour the oil through the bearing port with the help of a syringe.

Water cooler lubrication steps

first stage: First, turn off the air conditioner and cut off the electricity supply to the air conditioner by pulling out the plug of the air conditioner. Also, you can drain the water to make it easier to clean the cooler pan in case of oil spills.

second stage: Remove the side panels of the cooler from both sides to easily access the two bearings on the sides of the cooler fan axis.

third level: The upper part of the bearings has a port that is covered by a tongue to protect the bearing and allow the addition of oil for lubrication.

Open the tab and complete the cooler oiling process by pouring oil into the bearing. The tab of the bearing oil port cover is spring-loaded and the cover will be closed by releasing it.


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