How to create a new account or guest account on PS5?

How to create a new account or guest account on PS5?


Why do you need more than one account on PS5?

Users should have more than one user account to use PlayStation 5. The most important reasons for creating multiple user accounts in this game console are:

By adding a new account to the PlayStation 5 and having an additional controller, users can play games like Call of Duty, Fortnite or even football together with their friends.

You can create a separate account on the PlayStation Network (PSN) in another country or region to access the deals available in the store in those countries. This feature is very useful because the PSN region cannot be changed once it is set.

If you add a PlayStation Network member to your game console, you can access and even download their games with the PS5 sharing feature.

By creating a new account for your friends or family, you can avoid the problem of overwriting saved files.

How to create a new account on PS5?

To add a new user account to the PS5 console, follow the steps below:

1. Press the PS button to open the PlayStation 5 Control Center.

2. Click on your profile to open its menu.


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