How many people are connected to my modem? (identification + cut off access)

How many people are connected to my modem?  (identification + cut off access)

You want to search something on Google, you turn on the Wi-Fi of your phone and automatically connect to your home wireless network, you enter the keyword you want and hit search, the Google results page loads with difficulty, and it is clear that the Internet speed is the same as always. It doesn’t and web pages take longer than usual to open.

There is no news of the ship’s anchor getting caught in the wires or being torn apart by careless sharks. In any case, it is true that the internet user experience has a sinusoidal graph for us and every moment is accompanied by a lot of ups and downs; But in any case, we have to do something from our side to find out the cause of the internet problem. Just like when the power goes out at night and we look out of the window to make sure that everyone’s power is out or there is a problem with the electricity in our building.

In the first step, we check the Internet data of the SIM card, we ask other members of the house, and when we are sure that this disorder is not related to anchor and shark, we should check the modem router of the Internet network of the house. Of course, another way is to immediately call the support of the Internet provider company; But maybe it’s better to check the modem settings first.

In another scenario, you may enter the wireless modem password many times with full confidence, but still fail to connect to the Internet. In the mentioned scenario, you can check the devices connected to the modem by entering the modem settings. Maybe someone else is connected to your Wi-Fi and web pages are taking a long time to load, or a device that can’t connect to the Internet is blocked by your modem.

Methods of viewing devices connected to the wireless network

There are several ways to view a list of devices connected to your home wireless network, none of which are complicated. Stay with Zomit to check the three ways to view this list together.

The first method is through a wireless router modem

All wireless modem routers, even the best TD-LTE modems, have a section in their settings and management that shows a list of devices connected to the wireless network. This list consists of MAC addresses of devices connected to the network, which can be used to manage the access of those devices. However, according to the model and price of the modem, more features may be available to the network administrator. In any case, follow the steps below to view the list of wirelessly connected devices.

first stage: Open your browser and enter the management and settings section of your wireless router modem through the browser. Therefore, first enter the IP address of the network router in the address bar at the top of the page. The common address to enter the modem settings is, which can be different in different brands and models. Next, we have prepared a list of the most common IP addresses of routers.

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