Honor Choice X3 headphone review; $30 earbuds with $200 capabilities

Without the app, the headphones can be used to listen to music and answer calls and ANC functionality; But other functions such as Awareness, firmware update, ANC level adjustment and equalizer settings will not be available; For this reason, I do not recommend these headphones to iPhone users who were thinking of buying these headphones for any reason.

To use the application, you need an Honor ID, which you can create with an email and password. Except for the features I mentioned and will explain more about later, in the application you can see the charge level of the case and earbuds; Enable gaming mode to reduce Bluetooth latency; Or change the name of the headphones as you like.

Honor X3 headphones have two very useful functions that we are used to seeing in luxury headphones; One is the “Multipoint” function to connect two devices to the headphones at the same time, and the second is to automatically play/stop the song by removing one of the earbuds from the ear.

I tried the Multipoint function of this headphone with an iPhone and a Xiaomi phone, and it worked satisfactorily; But the auto play/pause feature was a bit laggy, as it would stop when I put the earbuds back in my ears. I hope Honor can fix this bug with the next update, because this feature is very useful and only available in expensive headphones.

Honor Choice X3 sound quality

The Honor Choice X3 headphones use a 12 mm driver, which is a large driver for Togoshi headphones, and therefore, I expected good performance from its sound.

This headphone supports Bluetooth 5.2 and SBC, AAC and aptX codecs; The AAC codec offers better quality than SBC, and Qualcomm’s aptX codec enables playback of high-definition audio content. More precisely, with these headphones you can listen to songs up to 384 kbps bitrate; While the AAC codec finally supports up to 264 kbps bitrate.

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