Home Theater Network Association: Today’s crisis unlocks with surround sound definition

The trade association of online video companies reacted by publishing a statement to the recent resolution of the Supreme Council of the Cultural Revolution regarding the activities of VODs.

The text of the statement of the association is as follows:

Honorable President of the Supreme Council of Cultural Revolution!

As you know, the media ecosystem of the world, including Iran, has been transformed for years, people’s taste in how to use cultural content and family entertainment has greatly differed from the not-so-distant past, and we have long considered this important in our plans. We have ignored a culture and if there has been any success – even if it is small – we have spread the wings of this success with crude and hasty decisions.

Let’s go back to 5 years ago; In those days, almost all Iranian families and cultural sympathizers were worried about the penetration rate of Colombian and Turkish silly series and reality shows on satellite channels. Today, however, we have forgotten how that crisis turned into a national opportunity with this fledgling home theater industry.

Mr. President, have you been made aware of the irreparable consequences of the domino migration of these precious cultural and economic capitals for the country, and have they said that the performance of the home television network during the country’s difficult and economic times prevented many funds from fleeing and leaving the country of experts? Is it technical and artistic?

Dear Mr. Raisi!

Last week’s decision of the Supreme Council of the Cultural Revolution, headed by your Excellency, about handing over the supervision of home shows to radio and television, has created serious questions and doubts for the members of this trade association as follows:

1- Why was such an important and influential decision in the economic life of the film and series industry made without the presence of experts and legal representatives of the activists of this profession?

2- The expectation is that the approvals of the Supreme Council of the Cultural Revolution in the position of macro-policy making can be a guide for the cultural sector of the home cinema industry in approving contemporary and appropriate laws of public culture in the Islamic Parliament, and not that the Supreme Council takes a legislative position without studying its consequences!

3- How is it reasonable to entrust the supervision of one of the most important areas of the country’s entertainment industry at this time to an organization that, on the one hand, is subject to a “conflict of interest” due to the mission of producing similar content, and on the other hand, is helpless and unable to gain public favor. ! (To prove this point, there are numerous examples of the above-mentioned organization’s tasteful dealings with platforms, which are beyond the scope of this brief)

4- As a result of the years of operation of that wide and long organization, what has been achieved except the loss of audiences, the alienation of artists, the handing over of the country’s cultural field to foreigners, and finally, the destruction of hope and trust among the people?

5- Have we prepared and equipped the structure and human resources of our experts in this field against the growing developments of this industry in the world, especially in the Middle East region, which destroy the embankment of the national domestic show to be handed over to foreigners?

6- How is it possible to entrust this nascent art industry to an organization that has not only lost its rhyme in this field, where the main indicator of success is attracting the audience, and is not even willing to document the law to the members of a legal guild? , trust to participate in decisions?

It is necessary to let you know that the wide and long organization has acted against the law to set up parallel institutions known as “Rasta” in order to publicize its wrong and non-expert decisions. For Your Excellency’s information, until today, no expert opinion, whether written or written, has been considered or even requested from this legal association in the development of any regulations and regulations, despite the numerous letters of this association!

Mr. Raisi

The flourishing and preservation of the achievements that have been achieved during this five-year period in this national art industry requires support and care; Building is a difficult and powerful task, but destruction is very easy.

Mr President!

Have you seen the protests of the past days by artistic institutions such as the statement of Cinema House, Directors and Artists Association? Their serious concern for the prohibitions of their business is beyond the law and by applying the tastes of this and that!

But the key to solving this crisis is not behind closed doors, which is opened simply by defining the term “universal audio and video” by experts and competent civil institutions!

It is hoped that you will personally enter the field and order an appeal; “Hope” is the last human capital, guard the last buds of hope.

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