Harvard scientist’s claim: Metal spheres coming out of the ocean are alien technology

Harvard scientist’s claim: Metal spheres coming out of the ocean are alien technology


This is not the first time that Loeb proposes the hypothesis of advanced aliens visiting the solar system; Because five years ago, he and Shmuel Biali, another Harvard University researcher, stated that the strange interstellar object known as Omuamoa that orbited the solar system in late 2017 was an autonomous alien probe similar to a solar sail. Their article about this crime attracted the attention of the media and the scientific community praised and criticized it.

Now lob with support Charles Hoskinson, a cryptocurrency multimillionaire, leads an expedition in the Pacific Ocean with the goal of recovering IM1. So far, the crew has retrieved more than 50 small magnetic spheres of iron, magnesium, and titanium from the water that may be pieces of the meteorite they are targeting.

In a recent blog post, Loeb described the orbs as “unusual” possibly because of their low nickel content, a common element in meteorites. However, many scientists are skeptical about the origin of the orbs and say they may not be related to the fireball that fell in 2014 at all.

Peter Brown“We’ve known for a century that if you take a magnetic pickaxe and send it down to the ocean floor, you’ll bring up extraterrestrial spheres,” meteorite expert at the University of Western Ontario, Canada, told Live Science. Such debris was deposited over millions of years by meteorites that left tiny pieces of molten metal as they passed over Earth. “Given changing ocean currents and sedimentary movements, it’s basically impossible to say that this particular sphere is the result of a particular event.”


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