Handmade bone pendants date back to the history of human presence in South America at least 25,000 years ago.

Mirian Pacheco, lecturer in paleontology at the Federal University of Sao Carlos in Brazil, told LiveScience: “It is almost impossible to define the true meaning of these artifacts for the inhabitants of Santa Elena. However, the shape and large number of ossicles may have influenced the manufacture of certain types of artifacts such as pendants.

The discovery of sloth bones deformed by man-made stone tools in geological layers between 25,000 and 27,000 years old is very strong evidence that humans entered South America much earlier than previously thought.

Tais Pansani“Our evidence reinforces the interpretation that our colleagues in Santa Elena have been researching for about 30 years,” says paleontologist at the Federal University of Sao Carlos in Brazil. This evidence shows that humans were present in Central Brazil at least 27,000 years ago.”

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