Google’s popular At a Glance widget is facing a software bug

written by Android Central website The At a Glance widget bug appears in different ways on phones equipped with Android 12 and newer versions. This issue is not limited to one model or brand and has been observed in several Android devices, including Google phones, Samsung phones, and OnePlus phones.

Google Pixel users are facing a strange obstacle: it is not possible for them to remove this widget from the home screen, and it causes messages with errors to appear.

The nature of the error messages associated with this bug annoys users more. These messages are full of technical terms that are not user friendly and are mostly developer mode. Also, the technical language makes troubleshooting more difficult for the average user.

Although some users have reported temporary solutions like updating the Google app, these are not consistently effective and they should still look for solutions.

Google has not yet officially recognized and addressed this issue. This situation highlights the ongoing problems in the tech world. This means that even widely used and seemingly stable applications can encounter unexpected issues.

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