Google’s algorithm changes; A serious and comprehensive fight against SEO-oriented articles

Google’s algorithm changes;  A serious and comprehensive fight against SEO-oriented articles

Google in action Some new changes to the search results ranking system that help display more useful content and remove some dubious or unhelpful results.

To combat some of the tricks people use to trick their ranking systems, Google plans to downgrade content that only exists to summarize other content on the web. These types of articles are sometimes the result of too much focus on SEO and are often created with artificial intelligence tools.

Google is always making changes to its ranking system algorithm to improve search results; But most of the time, it does not inform the user about these changes.

There are only two signs of Google announcing changes: 1. Big changes that significantly change the search experience; 2. Google’s clear message: “Your spammy and fraudulent behavior ends now.”

Pandu Nayak, Google’s vice president of search, presents three examples of what is now considered spam behavior and which Google plans to reduce. First, there is a lot of content; Websites that generate thousands of articles per day with poor quality, or through low-paid contractors or artificial intelligence, will face a drop in Google rankings.

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The second spam behavior is what Nayak calls website reputation abuse. This is when a reputable website rents out part of its website to spammers. The third behavior is the misuse of an expired domain; That is, when someone buys an abandoned but high-ranking domain and fills it with fake content.

For the third behavior, Google gives websites 60 days to remove it before the ranking changes; The two examples are basic, but quick to implement. Google has a massive spam problem and is aware of it and is working to fix it.

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