Google was accused of stealing “the information of all Internet users” to develop artificial intelligence

Google was hit with a class-action lawsuit on Tuesday that accuses the company of stealing every piece of information ever posted online, including copyrighted works and personal data of millions of people. Clarkson, representing the people, says the lawsuit follows Google’s artificial intelligence privacy policy change that first Gizmodo The Kurds were informed about it. The company changed its policy and announced that it reserves the right to use all public information available on the Internet to advance its AI projects.

Ryan Clarkson “Just because we share creative works, character descriptions, pictures of our family and children, or any other information, doesn’t mean Google owns it,” he says. “We recently discovered that this company is collecting everything that millions of internet users create or share, including personal information, creative artwork and professional work, etc., and use it to train and build commercial AI products.”

The class action lawsuit against Google was filed almost simultaneously with the lawsuit against OpenAI. The main subject of these complaints is the use of public information available on the Internet to train artificial intelligence chatbots such as Bard and ChatGPT. Companies like Google provide the aforementioned data to their artificial intelligence systems, and then chatbots can generate new content based on the received information. This issue has presented the courts with new questions because if humans use existing information and use it to create newer ideas, this is completely legal, and we don’t know if private companies are in violation by doing the same.

This issue is completely debatable, but the text of the complaint indicates that Google violated the copyright law and collected their information without obtaining the consent of the users.

On the other hand, Google says that the company’s artificial intelligence data collection was not done secretly. The internet search giant’s privacy policy notes that it uses public information to help train artificial intelligence models like its translator.

However, the class-action lawsuit against Google argues that the company secretly collected user data. Clarkson It says: “Google collected this information secretly and without notifying users or obtaining their consent.”

The lawsuit claims $5 million in damages and asks the court to stop the commercial use of artificial intelligence until protective mechanisms are in place.

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