Google makes its phones smarter with Pixie assistant

For years, Google Assistant has become one of the best artificial intelligence assistants in the world. This service is much more powerful than Siri on the iPhone, less than Alexa prompts you to buy different things, and far away from Bixby on the Samsung phone.

However, Google Assistant does not shine in some areas. One of the biggest disadvantages of Assistant is that it must always be connected to the Internet; Therefore, when the phone’s internet is disconnected, it will be impossible to access almost all the functions of this assistant.

news agency information In an exclusive report, he says that Google is looking to change the situation. According to informed sources, the manufacturer of the Pixel phone wants to unveil a new artificial intelligence assistant named Pixie. Pixeli will have new features and will be exclusive to Pixel phones.

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Pixi (which may eventually change its name) will be based on the Gemini Nano large language model. Thanks to this AI model, Pixi can do things like text summarization offline.

According to the information, Pixi examines the information of applications such as Gmail and Google Maps to get to know the user’s tastes and give him various suggestions. Google is trying to increase the number of people who are interested in buying Pixel phone with Pixi.

Apparently, the Pixi assistant is going to enter the Pixel 9 series phones for the first time. These products will probably arrive in the fall of 2024.

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