Google confirmed: We use Reddit posts to train artificial intelligence

Google in A press release Confirming the rumors of the last few days, it announced that it has signed a new agreement with Reddit to use the data available on this platform to train artificial intelligence. In a separate statement, Reddit said it would provide “more efficient ways for Google to train models.”

Under the new deal, Google will gain access to Reddit’s data API. This API displays the contents of the Reddit platform in real-time so that Google can access the massive data available on Reddit in an efficient and structured way. The API in question also enables Google to display Reddit content in a new way on its services.

As part of the deal, Reddit will gain access to Google’s Vertex AI platform (Vertex AI is an artificial intelligence-based service that helps companies improve search results).

Reddit says the deal with Google doesn’t change the company’s policy on data APIs. According to the rules set by Reddit, no company or developer can use the platform’s data API for commercial purposes without obtaining permission.

Last week, Bloomberg reported in an exclusive report that Reddit had signed a $60 million deal with an unnamed company to sell its data to train artificial intelligence.

Google’s search engine is currently testing a new Forums filter that will allow you to search for your desired results only on platforms such as Reddit, Stack Overflow, and Hacker News.

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Despite the signing of the new contract, the relationship between Google and Reddit has not always been good. Reddit has previously threatened to block Google’s search engine from mining its platform because it doesn’t want companies to use its data to train artificial intelligence without obtaining permission.

Reddit will offer its shares publicly in the coming weeks, and signing a contract with Google is probably a measure to increase the market value. In 2021, it was announced that the value of Reddit will reach more than 10 billion dollars.

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