Get a discount with the help of Google search engine and Chrome browser!

Users can check the discounts based on specific categories and get informed about the discounts considered in their desired stores. Based on that, whatever you like, by clicking on it you can get more information about it or be transferred to its site. Google says that if you’re signed in to your Google Account, this page will consider what you usually like to buy.

To access the new page, you need to search for store-specific terms, or if you’re looking for a specific product like shoes, you can see categories like sneaker stores.

Google announced that the Chrome browser can now also update discount codes. Starting today, when you open a new tab, Chrome will show you products you’ve recently viewed on shopping websites in the search history icon and notify you of discounts on those products.

Additionally, when you visit a product page on a shopping website, you can click the new discount tag icon in the Chrome address bar to see available coupon codes.

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