Garden lamp manufactured by Elin lighting industries

Garden lamp manufactured by Elin lighting industries

2- Modern garden lamp

Modern garden lights are said to be a new style in which less details are used.

This style is basically more practical

Parallel, square, angular or simple curved lines are more visible.

This model with aluminum material is a special order for gardens and luxury villas.

The modern garden light is for luxury villas and gardens because it has a higher price, has a better effect and has a longer life due to the operation of LED lights.

Other outdoor lights such as lawn lights, park lights, and yard lights are also designed and supplied in these two styles.

The naming of these products is only because of their place of use and they mostly overlap in terms of use.

Garden and park light models

  • Sardari garden lamp
  • Serboleh garden lamp
  • Hanging garden light
  • Garden lamp with stand
  • Wall hanging garden light

The garden light is suitable for ensuring the security of the entrance to the garden.

As the name suggests, the overhead light is installed on the pipe.

Hanging garden lights are suitable for installing inside garden pavilions

The garden lamp with a stand is available and can be ordered in a variety of short and long bases, and it depends on the place you want to light.

Garden lights with an average height between 2.40 and 3 meters are placed in the category of park lights.

Because they are suitable for use in parks.

If the stand lamps with heights above 6 meters, 9 meters and 12 meters are ordered and used for street and highway lighting, they are known as street lights.

Wall hanging garden lights are installed on the wall or column and can be used to create beautiful lighting.

In addition, these lights do not have a cute base and do not occupy your space.

To choose the best garden lamp suitable for your location, talk to the manufacturer directly 09129511334 Mr. Ramezani

The price of garden and park lights

The price of garden lights depends on the following:

Garden lamp model

Models of garden lights that are without a base have a more reasonable price than models with a base.

Also, the long base model is more expensive than the short base model. has done.

Because it consumes more material

To optimize the costs, choose the right model and if you have a wall or column, you can use the garden lamp.

To choose the best garden lamp suitable for your location, talk to the manufacturer directly 09129511334 Mr. Ramezani

Garden lamp body material

As mentioned, the garden lamp can be made of compressed plastic, steel or aluminum.

The body coating can be electrostatic powder paint or polyurethane paint.

Sometimes, due to environmental requirements and high humidity, galvanized coating is needed.

All this difference in material creates a difference in price.

To choose the best garden lamp suitable for your location, talk to the manufacturer directly 09129511334 Mr. Ramezani

Type of energy source

LED garden lights have a higher initial cost than energy-efficient models.

But keep in mind that cost management is done in the long term and to optimize costs, know that LED models have lower consumption and longer life.

LED garden light

As you know, LED technology has become very widespread today and Elin lighting industries have started using this technology in their products.

The modern style LED garden light has features that have made this product popular.

  • Very little damage
  • Optimal energy consumption

LED lights have a longer lifespan than energy-saving lamps.

They are more resistant and less damaged and even more resistant to vibration and breakage.

Therefore, replacement and repair costs will decrease over time.

On the other hand, due to consumption management and optimal consumption in general, they are useful in preserving the environment and optimizing costs in the long term.

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