Galaxy S24 Ultra under the microscope of Zoomit; A strong and resistant Korean monster [تماشا کنید]

The Galaxy S24 Ultra is here. Samsung’s titanium and impressive flagship, which, like the Galaxy S24 and Galaxy S24 Plus, has not yet been launched in global markets, has passed the rigorous tests of Zoomit to find out what Samsung’s best phone and one of the best phones in 2024 has to say.

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The latest flagship model from Samsung with a 200 megapixel camera, a customized version of the powerful Snapdragon 8 generation 4 processor and a special focus on artificial intelligence is one of the most special phones in history; But at first glance, the increase in the price of the Galaxy S24 Ultra seems somewhat disappointing.

In the video above, Zoomit has put the Galaxy S24 Ultra under the microscope so you can get to know the new Korean flagship in depth. If you are interested in watching more reviews, log in Zoomit YouTube channel become Also, you can use Zomit products section to know the price of different phones.

An in-depth Galaxy S24 Ultra review is coming soon to Zoomit.

Constore store provided the Galaxy S24 Ultra to Zoomit for review. Bahamstore has 20 active branches across the country, including several branches in large shopping centers in Tehran.

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