From Wi-Fi connection to intelligent temperature adjustment; The best features of LG air conditioner


Non-inverter compressors have high energy consumption due to the frequent restart of the motor. In the inverter compressor, according to the set temperature, the speed of the compressor decreases or increases, and it never shuts down completely to start working again at high speed whenever needed. This mechanism leads to minimum energy consumption.

Advantages of LG inverter air conditioner

Fast and strong cooling

Inverter compressors increase the speed and power of the cooling process by providing fast engine rotation and the ability to work at low engine speed. LG says that the company’s inverter air conditioners cool the air up to 60% faster than a normal air conditioner thanks to the use of an inverter compressor with higher speed and more stability than normal compressors.

With the help of 25% larger fan blades and larger air outlet, the cooling power of LG air conditioners has increased.

The Jetcool feature also provides a more powerful air flow with an optimized air outlet design that cools the room quickly.

Producing and maintaining a constant temperature

As soon as the LG inverter air conditioner reaches the desired temperature, instead of turning off, it reduces the engine speed; While coolers without inverters work at 100% power from the time they are turned on until they are turned off, which makes it difficult to maintain the desired temperature.

energy saving

Inverter compressors continuously drive the motor at different speeds; They work at a lower speed than normal compressors and with more stability, they save up to 65% of energy consumption.

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