from heavy metals to radioactive; Shocking report of Aras River pollution

Currently, the Aras River is polluted with pollutants on a large surface and volume, and this problem has faced serious problems for the aquatic ecosystem and the human society adjacent to the river. Recently, the newspaper “Our messageIn a research report on the pollution of Ares, it has announced its internal and external sources and its human and environmental effects.

The publication of news related to the contamination of juniper water with radioactive materials and heavy metals goes back a long time; But this issue was mostly denied by the country’s officials. last week, Mahmoud Abbaszadeh MishkiniThe representative of Ardabil in the parliament informed about the significant number of people suffering from digestive and stomach cancer in the province where he represents and asked the responsible organizations to investigate this issue.

In its latest issue, Payam Ma newspaper writes that after examining the research conducted from 2013 to 2014, the contamination of Aras water, especially in the area of ​​”Khoda Afarin” Dam and Moghan Plain, with radioactive substances, heavy and toxic metals such as lead and its compounds, arsenic, Aluminum, nickel, copper, iron, manganese and 53 other pollutants have been confirmed. The source of most of these pollutants is the “Metsamur” nuclear power plant in Armenia.

Effluent from the Metsamour nuclear power plant in Armenia enters Aras without treatment in the south of “Sadarak”. The leakage of pollutants into the Aras River is due to the old parts and non-standardity of this power plant, and regional and international experts and the European Union have confirmed the possibility of creating a lot of life and biological danger in the three provinces of Ardabil, East Azerbaijan and West Azerbaijan. The recent report considers the reason for Aras water pollution to be “the lack of a decisive treaty or executive guarantee between the countries sharing these waters”.

The said report states that in the past years, Aras has been highly polluted by industrial and mining wastes and radioactive wastes. This pollution has finally led to the contamination of drinking water and the agricultural sector and the occurrence of various diseases.

One of the most serious issues mentioned is the high incidence of cancer. According to research, there are 59 samples of heavy metals in water and 61 samples of metals in sediments. After the tests, the presence of lead and arsenic in Ars water has been confirmed.

Currently, several hundreds of thousands of people use the water of the “Khoda Afarin” dam for drinking, and active local and national cooperatives also use this dam for recreational and aquaculture purposes. This report states that the impact of polluted sources on the health of this huge water reservoir, the physical health and the economic condition of the people are facing serious problems. In the past years, Ardabil had the first rank of stomach and digestive cancer in the country.

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