Formation of a working group to follow up the slowness of the Internet by the order of Ebrahim Raisi

In the meeting on the 6th of July, the Supreme Council of Cyber ​​Space, Ebrahim Raisi, ordered the formation of a working group to follow up on the issue of slow internet speed and people’s complaints in this regard. Representatives from the National Center for Virtual Space and the Ministry of Communications are members of this working group.

In this meeting, the president mentioned the measures taken to develop the national information network and Iranian platforms and the development of communication infrastructure, but requested the working group he formed to follow up on the internet situation to investigate the issue of internet slowness.

The members of this working group were obliged to present the results of this investigation and the solutions to solve people’s concerns in this field by the next month at the latest.

The issue of compliance of the 7th plan with macro policies related to cyber space was another issue that was discussed in this meeting. The members of the Supreme Council of Cyberspace emphasized that due to the expansion of cyberspace uses and the ever-increasing connection of people’s lives with this space, detailed and serious plans should be considered for the development of this sector in the next five years.

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