Finalists of the 2023 Pet Comedy Photography Contest


The Comedy Pet Photography Awards are back for the fifth year in a row and have just released their list of 25 finalists for the 2023 competition. Winners will be announced on August 11th, but everyone can vote for the People’s Choice Award now.

Annual photo contest Comedy Pet Created by professional photographers, it showcases the fun situations pets find themselves in. In this year’s pictures, you can see the strange behavior and habits of each animal; A dog that buries itself under the pillows or another dog that hugs its doll and sleeps. Dogs and cats still take the lead in this competition, and this shows that these creatures never lose their charm and cuteness for us.

Scroll through to see a Siamese cat who seems to be living out one of the most common human nightmares, or a dog and a mouse who are friends. Enjoy watching the 25 finalists of this year’s event and don’t forget to smile.


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