Fidelity’s installment plan with 24-hour delivery from Hamermechanik

Fidelity’s installment plan with 24-hour delivery from Hamermechanik

What documents are required to buy Fidelity installments from Hamermekanik?

No matter which of the above methods you choose to get a Fidelity purchase loan, you must have the following documents:

  • Business license or payslip
  • Document or lease of residence
  • Fishing tackle
  • Account turnover for 6 months

tip: A 6-month account statement is received to inform you of your financial ability to pay installments within the specified period.

What are the benefits of getting a Fidelity loan from Sahab Mechanic?

One of the most important advantages of getting a loan for the purchase of Fidelity installments from the mechanic is that it makes you a car owner sooner than bank loans and has easier conditions. The winning card of this plan compared to other leasing plans Sheshdong Khodro document in your own name from the very beginning; Because in other plans, the document is called 3 dong-3 dong or 4 dong-2 dong, and by the end of the repayment period, you are not the owner of the entire car.

complete list Benefits of a car loan with a mechanic You will read below:

  • Loan payment in less than a week
  • Short-term validation without involving you in administrative processes
  • Sheshdang document registration from the beginning of the work
  • The possibility of buying new and used cars
  • Technical expert and body of all cars and 7-day expert guarantee
  • The possibility of removing the guarantor introduction condition by reducing the loan amount
  • 2 to 3 months breathing between down payment and first installment
  • At the expense of the final amount of the car compared to other plans
  • Accompaniment of experts along with mechanics in all stages of buying a car until changing license plates

If you are also willing to Car installment purchase (internal and external, zero and used), you can right now through Mobile Mechanic site and web address Take action and choose the most suitable car according to your needs by viewing the conditions of each car.

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